He just can’t catch a break.

2021.12.08 02:45 Ticket-Healthy He just can’t catch a break.

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unless you go the literal op sus imposter killer, the game is completely unfair. I get it they hide, but I like how they just turn into a small object and out run you too.. cool I found you and didnt one hit you, see you again in 10 minutes, rinse and repeat because I cant catch someone I'm literally watching run away as a coke can
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2021.12.08 02:45 alimak0890 Post meeting anxiety

Has anyone ever said something in an AA meeting and felt dumb later about saying it? I’m having extreme anxiety about something I shared earlier tonight at a meeting, my mind is saying that was TMI but if my mind was thinking it maybe it was okay to say, ugh help I hate this feeling
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2021.12.08 02:45 HermanMunsterCheese Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Robots, Hungry Hungry Hippos, Chatty Cathy & G.I. Joe - What were the Christmas toys you desperately wanted as a kid? And did you ever get them?

When I was a kid in the 50's and 60's, one of my friends got a Schwinn Racer 3-speed bicycle in fire engine red. Compared to my old hand-me-down fat tire bike, this thing was like having a Ferrari. I desperately wanted one, but Santa dropped in with a pair of roller skates instead. I also asked for a real gun that fired bullets, a rocket, a robot butler, and a Slinky.
I got the Slinky, a Mr. Potato Head set, a Scrabble game, Silly Putty, a Ouija board, Tinker Toys, and a fabulous Magic 8-Ball.
What were your most highly desired gifts from back in the day?
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2021.12.08 02:45 bgreen78 SHOULD I SELL MY 1983 380SEC EURO GREY MARKET MERCEDES BENZ????

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2021.12.08 02:45 Creative-Contact8986 Plug in midi keyboard but does not show up, anyone have a solution?

Hi I plugged in my midi keyboard to my macbook, but it doesn’t have sound. It’s a settings problem I guess? What should I click so that Logic Pro detects my midi keyboard? Thank you all.
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2021.12.08 02:45 1mfaooo NBNI entry standards

Anyone else think the standards are kind of weak this year? It seems like they are a lot easier. The standards for championship are now what used to be emerging elite.
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2021.12.08 02:45 ImmediateMars Success! After 4.5 years together we are tying the knot

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2021.12.08 02:45 DangerousSong1817 need 1 for raid

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2021.12.08 02:45 chasers61 Gingerbread yard decor, DIY’d for the wife.

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2021.12.08 02:45 phaedrus_maynard The spice must flow!

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2021.12.08 02:45 JonHenryOfZimbabwe2 When do you think the next update with substantial content, like say, the Eastern Invasion comes out?

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2021.12.08 02:45 t-alt Just finished Undertale again, absolutely love this game!

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2021.12.08 02:45 11ofTwelve I would follow her anywhere. Maybe.

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2021.12.08 02:45 fayemoonlight I don’t know how long I’m going to make it (TW// suicidal ideations)

Everything just feels truly hopeless. I’m so lonely, I’m unemployed with no job in sight, I have no motivation to do anything, all I do is drink, I don’t sleep and I just want this all to end. My mother has just told me she’s moving to another country so I feel truly abandoned now and I don’t know where to go or what to do. It just feels like I’m drowning but I never reach the bottom. I’m in therapy but it’s not doing anything and whenever I have told people how I feel in the past, nothing ever comes of it. They’ll just say I’m sorry you feel that way so it’s pointless saying anything. I also live in a small town so there’s absolutely nothing to do. I’m just at complete rock bottom and limbo and I’ve been at this stage for years now and I just can’t take it anymore. What’s worse is that I’m too much of a coward to actually go ahead with it so it’s even a waste of time talking about it
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2021.12.08 02:45 xxb4xx Can we please take a moment to appreciate how brilliant 'Witches of East Arlaen' really is?

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2021.12.08 02:45 seanpool3 When will a buy/sell thread be started? Looking for tickets

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2021.12.08 02:45 farresto Console porting companies suggestions?

Have you worked with any porting company (to port PC game into PS4/PS5/XBOX/Switch)?
I'm currently browsing around, but I'd appreciate any comments (either recommendations or warnings).
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2021.12.08 02:45 JJVMT What if the House of Godunov had not been annihilated following Boris Godunov's death, thus avoiding the Troubles and the subsequent rise of the House of Romanov?

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2021.12.08 02:45 idrinkawatersometime Is this normal for a father to do?

TW Possible SA and details of it
To clarify my dad's literally the best, always been here, always been nice, never punished me, let me not do chores, said I love you, gave me hugs, treasured me etc. He was literally the best I could ever ask for
The other day he lay next to me while I was sitting in bed and then when I walked down stairs to sit on the stairs he sat behind me LIKE DIRECTLY BEHIND I have to admit my dad is kinda lonely and depressed but anyway he sat so close I could literally feel this man's crotch on my back 😻🖐️ then he said something and I cannot remember what it was but then he started talking about my scoliosis and how I needed to "sit up straight" and gave me this back massage touching my hips and like lower back area and squeezing his legs around my torso so I "sat up straight" I was like um I need to go say goodnight to the cat and he said "okay" and then I just left um. He's never done anything like this before like ever, it was rlly strange um maybe he was just wanting to be with his daughter ?? Idk lol. That was kinda rlly out of his character like he does stuff like that but not that far usually, maybe he's just a touchy person idk lol
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2021.12.08 02:45 Sir_MoonDoggy What did you do that made you go, "oh no, i've become my dad/mom/guardian"?

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2021.12.08 02:45 HHawky Awesome Moses Perch, they are vicious for their size!

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2021.12.08 02:45 triabolical CF chapter 17 routed efficiently

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2021.12.08 02:45 Doiber Nba mega power box

How much nba mega power box at meijer
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2021.12.08 02:45 krypto-news-deutsch SHIB Price Analysis: Can Fundamentals Drive Shiba Inu Past The Pivot Point?

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