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NLD - Solid purchase.. Not mad

2021.12.08 03:12 g20sleeperjdm NLD - Solid purchase.. Not mad

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2021.12.08 03:12 LESIUREGAMING Strategy for Grasp of Avarice Solo Flawless (Warlock)

I got the solo flawless Grasp of Avarice a lot sooner than I thought I would and I decided to post a guide on how I did it.
The entire dungeon I used:
Heritage (Recon/Recomb), Truthteller (Blinding/AL/QD), Lament, Stag
Taking Charge + Protective Light + Supercharged + Stacks on Stacks + Blast Radius
Sword Ammo Mods & Passive Guard & SnipeArc/Melee/Concussive Dampener
Important Stuff:
Double Special is important for this build to work- ammo drops for special and heavy are heightened in Destiny due to some weird mechanic (I have zero idea). If you run double special you'll get a lot of heavy ammo.
Make sure you have your sword out a lot especially when you're running out of cover during boss fights etc. Passive guard is HUGE and Lament heals you if you're low.
The scorch cannons are somewhat identical to the scorch cannons in team scorched. If you shoot and hold left click, it will charge it up (It has 3 levels of damage) and the third will activate the doors in the Ogre fight and the targets in the Boss
Water is really weird in this dungeon- some of it kills you and some doesn't. General rule of thumb is if you're not sure, don't get wet.
If you're in an encounter where you can pick up engrams, make sure you've been cleansed of the Burden of Riches debuff. Absolutely do not forget to cleanse at a crystal. This is important for every encounter.
Use your abilities constantly when you need them (and sometimes super) when you're in an encounter with engrams as every 10 engrams you'll get your full super and abilities.
Getting to Ogre:
Play slow!!! It may take you a few attempts to remember where the traps are but generally speaking play it slow as well as clear ads when you can (especially the shriekers and wizards they will kill you quick.) When you get to the room with the opening/closing doors, you can use your healing grenade to float to the end to turn the lever. (You can do this both ways.) In the room with the floating platforms where you have to kill the first scorch cannon fallen, take your time as well and watch out for wizards they will catch you off guard.
Ogre Fight:
The Ogre fight is pretty simple it just take quite a bit of time (make sure you have concussive / melee on.). Run to the back of the room after rallying and kill the Scorch Vandal. Don't jump up to grab the scorch cannon, simply grab it from underneath the platform. This will help prevent the ogre from shooting you. While behind the boxes that separate the boss and the back of the room, shoot the scorch cannon at the side that can be opened. Make sure to empty the scorch cannon before you walk in as it will end up spawning another Scorch Vandal that can take the agro of the ogre while you're getting engrams. After you get the engrams, make sure you're fully healed and safe then go and bank it at the crystal. Feel free to pop super, use grenade, and use your rift in between phases as when you pick up 10 engrams it will give you all your abilities back, super included. Once you repeat both sides a few times (2-3 should do) the crystal should be fully charged up. (You need 25 engrams) Once that happens, wait for the ogre to be damageable and for him to walk a little forward and then well. For lament do the classic 3+1+3 Light Heavy Light combo. (3 guarding lights + heavy + 3 nonguarding lights) and repeat. In a well you should be able to do roughly a fourth of his damage if done correctly. The ogre can move around quite a bit and you'll have to adjust your combo sometimes. (I personally recommend doing your combo and walking into the well while your sword heavy charges up.) Repeat this cycle of motes + damage roughly 4-5 times and you should have the boss killed.
Sparrow Time:
The sparrow portion is pretty easy. In between every checkpoint, make sure you grab at least one length extender (buttons from SotP sparrow race). When you get in between C and D, make sure you grab the button immediately (should be on your right) and also take the launcher path down below. If you take the top one there is a button but honestly it's really inconsistent making it down all the way.
Fallen Shield:
The fallen shield part is probably the easiest part of the entire dungeon. For each 'phase' of engram collecting and servitor launching, before you bank, I recommend grabbing 20 engrams as that's all that is required for the crystal to be fully charged. Rely on your sword for ad clear and generally speaking make sure you have all ads cleared before launching the ball. Again, feel free to use abilities and super freely as you will get it back every 10 engrams.
Boss Fight:
The boss fight is probably the hardest part of this dungeon to solo flawless. Make sure you have both arc resist and sniper resist (the yellow bar shank in the middle is a pain in the bum.) You're gonna heavily rely on protective light CWL for this encounter as well as stag rifts. What you're going to do is hide on one side until the Scorch Vandal rotates to your side. Kill it and use the scorch cannon to clear the set of ads near you and at mid (the lower section). Use the scorch cannon to release the engrams by shooting 1 of 3 of the targets. (You can shoot the mid one safely from one of the elevated platform.) I recommend rotating in between the platform directly to your left when you first enter as well as the mid platform as the right one has engrams that fall down into the water.
After you grab roughly 15-20 engrams per cycle go to the middle crystal with your sword out, put a well down (a rift will do too if you don't have well), and guard with lament. Move around the crystal to be on the opposite side of the boss to avoid being melted. During the first cycle of engram collection and depositing, feel free to use your lament to kill the yellow bar marauder. It will drop 10 engrams which can give you your super back. Repeat the cycle of hiding and waiting for the Scorch Vandal and collecting 15-20 engrams until you have 60+. Try to minimize the amount over 60 you collect as while you are banking you want to maximize how much damage you can do in a phase. When you're on your final set of motes, make sure to not use your well when you bank as you will need it for damage. Use the same lament combo as the ogre room and go ham. The boss doesn't move as much so it should be easier. If done correctly you can do 1/4 to 1/3 of his damage. Rinse and repeat for 3+ phases and you'll be done!
This build works well for titans using bubble and Helm of Saint-14 or Dune Marchers. Unfortunately I couldn't figure it out on my hunter as there were too many nerfs to hunter in the latest patch for me to do it.
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2021.12.08 03:12 aaronpabon Ordered two. One for me and one for my Wife. I can't wait!

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2021.12.08 03:12 BlackKnife_V68 Is this a good buy? The guy is offering me $185 and I'm so tempted and he says he can bring it to me. Says it runs like a monster but description says the trans slips a little bit. I do really want it and it's the first car I found thats priced like this. I see it as a good project car.

Is this a good buy? The guy is offering me $185 and I'm so tempted and he says he can bring it to me. Says it runs like a monster but description says the trans slips a little bit. I do really want it and it's the first car I found thats priced like this. I see it as a good project car. submitted by BlackKnife_V68 to CrownVictoria [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 03:12 van2z What to do about a nosy neighbor?

I rent out a floor from a house.
This house was originally made for one family, and was later modified to have separate families to be able to live on each floor. It wasn't built with the standard sound proofing you would normally see in a standard apartment. We hear everything.
I think the landlord is illegally renting out the basement to a neighbor. I will call him basement man.
I have noisy children. When looking for a place to live, I was purposely looking for a 1st floor to live in, so at least I don't bother people below us. Unfortunately I didn't realize someone was living in the basement until I was too deep into getting this apartment.
From the beginning, basement man and I didn't get along. I won't go into details here. In general, he curses a lot, actively talks on the phone while we are trying to sleep, etc.
This evening, I overheard basement man talk to his buddy. Says he heard me talking to insurance agency.
During the day, I purposely walk out of my office room, which is above his basement, to another room that is above the garage instead, so he can't hear me when I am talking about something important.
However, he can still hear me of he comes out of his front door and stands in the hallway.
He told is buddy that he heard I was talking to an insurance agent, and put his ear to his front door, so he can listen to my conversation... Noted how much liability coverage I was going for....
I am annoyed my privacy can keep getting violated. I not sure if white noise generators would help much, without bothering me with all of the noise too.
In theory, I think I can tell the police that this house is renting the basement out illegally.. But I was considering that as a nuclear option that I'd like to avoid.
I plan to live here for another 1.5 years before moving.
Should I just suck it up for another 1.5 years, or what? BTW, landlord is pretty unresponsive. He takes months to respond to leaks/mold issues.
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2021.12.08 03:12 Zewen_Senpai Jacko Challenge [original]

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2021.12.08 03:12 KimKong22 Food delivery apps

Does anyone else have issues with delivery app drivers not following instructions and buzzer codes listed in the order!? It’s happened so many times now I just want to understand whyyyyyy. Specifically skip the dishes and doordash?
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2021.12.08 03:12 F3AR2PLAY The best weapon in Far Cry 6! Check out the channel:)

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2021.12.08 03:12 Marchyz Who do I pick? (I don't have any mythicals yet)

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2021.12.08 03:12 Sumdude_ Chest tightness for days after using?

it’s almost unbearable. Chest feels tight, shortness of breath sucks tbh I’m assuming it’s the min. Ofc I quit using right away I used to use it before now it’s doing this? Anyone else experience this ?
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2021.12.08 03:12 No-Transition1447 "Why do I hear boss music?"

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2021.12.08 03:12 MrPerez97 In need of some side hustle ideas, what are some side hustles that you do yourself or know about that have potential in scaling?

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2021.12.08 03:12 serunomismo The third-largest Bitcoin Whale, which bought 2,702 BTC yesterday, purchased 388 BTC again at a price of 50,600 US dollars, with a total investment of about 19.5 million US dollars.

Click to check Bitcoin rich list
Processing img z47uv991g9481...
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2021.12.08 03:12 ThePowerLord Does Youngboy have songs like this? Recommend some

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2021.12.08 03:12 Wishmunk Do prescribers get tired of me?

29/f 215 lbs (past antidepressants caused weight gain) 5' 6". Four psych hospital stays. Diagnoses are dysthymia, GAD, SAD and BPD.
i get comments like "ive been working with you for so long" and get yelled at for stopping medications. Literally no one in my life cares if I take them. My depression doesnt let me take them some days. My prescriber is mad because I filed for disability, yet shes unsure if I can work. She claims i am too smart to need it or whatever. The judge denied me so good for her I guess.
Idk. I think I am a tough case. I think id stress prescribers out less if I dropped out of treatment.
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2021.12.08 03:12 Legitimate_Suspect Tips on Emotionally Dealing with Re-applying

I'm feeling disappointed in myself but prioritizing self-reflection and evaluating how I can improve. This isn't how I wanted this cycle to go for me, but it's now December and I have no IIs.
I want to prepare for the worst and hope for the best, which means studying for an MCAT retake (makes me feel sick to my stomach). Currently have a 508.
I'm dreading telling my friends and family when they ask. I'm dreading asking my letter writers to update the dates on the LORs if I don't get in.
I'm not going to give up yet I'm feeling heartbroken, lost, and anxious. Any advice is welcome!
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2021.12.08 03:12 OverHeatedCore .

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2021.12.08 03:12 ZoolShop Solihull Council faces independent probe into its involvement with Arthur Labinjo-Hughes

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2021.12.08 03:12 United-Chemical Байден про кібератаки нагадав про цікавий пазл - 99,9% вірусів, що вимагали гроші, робили це расіянською мовою, а англійською - одиниці. Це з тисяч ПК, які я вилікував) Нагадаю: ЄС признав Оперу, др.Веб, Касперського, Яндекс та Маіл.ру шпигунським ПЗ.

Байден про кібератаки нагадав про цікавий пазл - 99,9% вірусів, що вимагали гроші, робили це расіянською мовою, а англійською - одиниці. Це з тисяч ПК, які я вилікував) Нагадаю: ЄС признав Оперу, др.Веб, Касперського, Яндекс та Маіл.ру шпигунським ПЗ. submitted by United-Chemical to DonOperInfo [link] [comments]

2021.12.08 03:12 DeMarvelous How to find someone in AV

Hello everyone!
I’m planning to create a YouTube channel, and I’m looking to create a relationship with someone who’s in AV. I plan to create content that involves interviewing people, streaming content live, among other things. I’m hoping to strike up a relationship with someone to work with me long term. I’m here to ask how would you guys recommend I look for someone in AV? I don’t necessarily need someone with the highest level of expertise, but someone who knows what they’re doing and is willing to grow is what I’m looking for. As someone who’s very disconnected with the AV industry, I don’t even know where to start in terms of finding someone. Any recommendations on how I should approach this task? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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2021.12.08 03:12 RB5Network [WTB] [US-KS] [H] PayPal [W] Sennheiser 6xx

Send me an offer if you have one for sale!
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2021.12.08 03:12 Brutaliano Varulld Gutcatcher

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2021.12.08 03:12 Faley016 [Announcement] “Ex Machina” stickers and premium subscription as a gift!

[Announcement] “Ex Machina” stickers and premium subscription as a gift!
December 8 is a special day for Targem Games. On this day 16 years ago, the widely acclaimed videogame “Ex Machina”, also known as “Hard Truck Apocalypse”, was released.
This project marked the beginning of the universe, the backstory of which is presented in Crossout. We are very glad that many of you continue to play “Hard Truck: Apocalypse”, stream your walkthroughs, share ideas and suggestions, and create theories regarding a possible continuation or remaster of the original game.
Because of this special day, we are giving away 1 day of premium subscription and 2 “I love Ex Machina” stickers to all Crossout players. To receive the gift, you need to log into the game before December 8, 23:59 GMT, and pick it up in the upper right corner of the garage screen.
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2021.12.08 03:12 Toothless_Potter In every Universe, every generation and every version Bughead are the epic love!

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2021.12.08 03:12 user-anon_ How should i approach him or is it all in my head

(repost cs it got buried) ok so this might be long sorry but this is the history right. im a f(15) and this guy i like is m(16) and at the end of freshman year he asked for my snap and we would text but it wasn’t like that yk and he was a horrible texter like he would text me first and then leave me on delivered or open but i asked our mutual friend and she said he’s just a bad texter. but one night he texted me and was like "i jus got off work let me scoop you and i’ll drop you back off and yk i’ll smoke you out" and i couldn’t leave cs it was like 12am so i told him some excuse i can’t remember anymore but after that we stopped texting until i accidentally showed up at his job but basically he jus ended up texting me and asking if i was the one at his job and i was like yea and that was that. But this year at school we make eye contact so much and yk how you can tell the vibes someone is giving from there eyes idk i feel like he’s giving me those vibes. Once when he was walking past my class we made eye contact and then he walked passed the door but then came back and waved to me but i asked our mutual (N) if he was talking to someone and when she asked N said he said "no oh wait yea i am" and like how you forget your talking to someone yk? but anyways he like ignores me cs one time we walked passed eachother to the bathrooms and i said hi and he didn’t say it back and i admit it was a bit quiet but still and then this morning in the breakfast line he was in front of me and i accidentally hit his shoulder so i apologized and he didn’t say anything but a few mins he turned around and said hi to my friend that was standing next to us. But then he was like excuse me to me in the line at lunch but that’s a normal human interaction but like the way he looks at me and idk he must’ve liked me or thought i was attractive if he asked for my snap right? i feel like me saying no to going to smoke made him feel like i’m not interested in him and i’m to nervous to make a move but i really like him and i want to make a move without looking stupid.
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